The Fundamentals Of Astute Guidance For Job Interview Plans

Management highlighted three factors affecting its approach to crafting guidance for fiscal year 2018. First, the medical segment will immediately feel the impact from the Medtronic portfolio acquisition. It included the patient care, deep vein thrombosis, and nutritional insufficiency products and businesses. If the deal closes in the first quarter, then Cardinal Health should realize a non-GAAP EPS lift of $0.21. That includes $100 million in inventory expenses following the acquisition, which hints that the new offerings will prove even more beneficial in years to come. Second, Cardinal Health expects company-specific discrete items will have a negative impact on non-GAAP EPS of $0.50 in fiscal year 2018. Half of that is expected to come from the pharmaceutical segment, which demonstrates that pricing headwinds will persist at least another year. Third, management expects drug pricing headwinds to become less fierce over time. When combined with the company-specific items mentioned above, the pharmaceutical segment could see profits fall next year compared to fiscal year 2017. And finally, Cardinal Health expects fiscal year 2019 non-GAAP EPS to grow by at least high-single-digits compared to fiscal year 2018.

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When it comes to hiring, one industry expert says it pays to use a hiring team, rather that just having one person do the inteview. A hiring team, he said, can sometimes catch crucial details that one person may miss.  FILE  (Dan Coyro -- Santa Cruz Sentinel) The latter leads to a phenomenon he calls hiring blindness. Hiring blindness consistently results in ill-suited employment pairings, Wintrip said in a release promoting his book. Thats because great interviewers routinely overlook crucial details, even when theyre supported by a rigorous candidate selection process. A hiring team works together to ensure that they get an accurate impression of each candidate every time. Wintrip outlines four hiring styles: Tacklers: These people are fast and decisive. During interviews, they get to the point quickly and appreciate people who do the same. Tellers: They use their communication skills to motivate people. During interviews they talk a lot and they tend to hire candidates they think will act upon what they have said. Tailors: During interviews they build a rapport and allow conversation to become an open exchange. They tend to hire candidates they think are capable of cultivating strong workplace relationships. They tend to hire candidates who offer quantitative evidence that theyre right for the job. Wintrip says natural gaps and limits in perception often keep hiring managers from accurately assessing a job candidates abilities. A hiring team, he said, will make the process easier and faster.

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